4/1/12: Nat Young takes out Nate Yeomans, Chris Ward and Chase Wilson in the final of the Pier Classic. Nat opened with a 7.6 by surfing a reforming left about as perfectly as possible. Ward stalled as much as he could but just couldn't get deep enough on the next left wedge but still got a high 5. Ward took the lead with 5 min left – as he paddled back out Nate Yeomans got a 9 for a HUGE air on the outside. But Nat Young had just backed up his first score with a bit of a barrel on the outside and some good carves. Nat rightfully took the win. Nate made a strong argument for first but fell just short. It was really close – cuz Nate's air alone had him the win if I was a judge.

1st – Nat Young $15,000
2nd – Nate Yeomans $7,500
3rd – Chris Ward $0
4th – Chase Wilson $3,500

SEMIS: Chase Wilson, Nate Yeomans and Chris Ward riding Lost boards all into the finals.

QTRS: Chris Ward won his heat riding one of Dan Ross' boards that Dan never picked up. To watch live CLICK HERE. Made for a skinny 7foot tall guy, wide tail, made for groveling waist high waves. Note: Ward was using someone's cheap plastic fins. We think he had his own leash today though. Yeomans made it through to the Semis too. Cristobal De Col was in the JRs and Mens qtrs but just didn't get the right waves in either. Ian Crane got skunked too in his Qtr. Luke Davis, Chase Wilson and Asher Nolan and Nat Young are out now. No more updates til the thing is over. Over sitting here making updates. Going outside…

Chris Ward. Photo: Vans.com/Hilleman

Asher Nolan. Photo: Vans.com/Hilleman

Colin Moran. Photo: Vans.com/Hilleman

Colin Moran. Photo: Vans.com/Hilleman

Cristobal de Col. Photo: Vans.com/Hilleman

Ian Crane. Photo: Vans.com/Hilleman

Chase Wilson. Photo: Vans.com/Hilleman

Ian Gentil. Photo: Vans.com/Hilleman

Ian Gentil. Photo: Vans.com/Hilleman

Nate Yeomans. Photo: Vans.com/Hilleman

Nate Yeomans. Photo: Vans.com/Hilleman

3/31/12: To watch live CLICK HERE. Chris Ward advances into the quarter-finals. Chris is riding a stock Driver he just grabbed off the racks at the warehouse before his heat yesterday. Chase Wilson, Luke Davis and Asher Nolan are all still going in the Pros. After Gorkin went down in his round of 64 heat, him and Ward snuck down to Newport for a fun afternoon glass off session. Kinda cool to see these two surf together for the first time in a while. Here's a few photos from yesterday and today.

Ward's backside lip slam that put him into the quarter-finals. Photo: Vans.com/Hilleman

Patented Ward hack. Photo: Vans.com/Hilleman

Photo: Vans.com/Hilleman
Gorkin lost out going for moves like this.

Pre heat wax

He was all smiles after his close round of 96 heat.

Not so much after his round of 64 heat

Lunch with the Schweizer's.

Ward happy to make his round of 64 heat.

Ummm… do you know if there's a Hooters around here?

Even Gorkin wants a pic of the elusive Christopher Ward.

Ward checking out Gorkin's ode to Tom Curren's '85 air brush.

Despite their vast size difference we're willing to bet Chris was seriously contemplating riding Gorkin's board in his heat.

Due to a minor fender bender Chris' doors don't open. The Duke boys got nothing on Wardo.

Nice afternoon down the way in Newport.

Ward advanced to the quarter-finals today.

Chase Wilson has been on fire this event and also advanced into the quarter-finals. Photo: Vans.com/Hilleman

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ge-8327″ title=”Cristobal_De_Col-5303″ src=”http://www.lostenterprises.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Cristobal_De_Col-5303-640×425.jpg” alt=”” width=”640″ height=”425″ />
Cristobal de Col advanced into the quarters behind Chris Ward today. Photo: Vans.com/Hilleman

Ian Crane. Photo: Vans.com/Hilleman

Ian Crane. Photo: Vans.com/Hilleman

Luke Davis. Photo: Vans.com/Hilleman

Makai McNamara. Photo: Vans.com/Hilleman

Taylor Clark. Photo: Vans.com/Hilleman

3/30/12: To watch live CLICK HERE. Round of 96 completed yesterday. Gorkin came from behind in the last two minutes of his heat to take the win and move into the round of 64. After a carve to snap combo out the back he managed to do two layback snaps on the same HB reform and jump into the lead. Gorkin surfs against Asher Nolan, Andrew Doheny and Nat Young in heat 9. Top seeds surf today with Chris Ward in heat 6. Waves are looking good too.

Photo: Vans.com/Hilleman

Colin Moran lost out in his pro heat but is still going in the Pro Jr on his Kolohe Andino trade in. Photo: Vans.com/Hilleman

Cristobal de Col won his pro heat yesterday. He surfs in heat 5 today. Photo: Vans.com/Hilleman

Former Pier Classic winner Dylan Goodale just missed advancing out of his round of 96 heat. Photo: Vans.com/Hilleman

Ian Gentil advanced in 2nd in his Pro Jr heat and surfs today in the last heat of the Pros. Photo: Vans.com/Hilleman

Josh Giddings is still going in the Pro Jr. Photo: Vans.com/Hilleman

Koa Smith went down in the Pros but has the chance to bounce back in the Pro Jr. Photo: Vans.com/Hilleman

3/29/12: To watch live CLICK HERE. Yesterday they completed round 1 and 2 in decent peaky surf at Huntington Beach. Aaron Cormican won both his heats yesterday and moves into round 3. It was the first time he's surfed Huntington Pier in 3 years but it wasn't the first time Gorkin has shined in heats out here. In 2003 he was voted X-Games MVP in a field of surfers that included Kelly Slater, Taj Burrow and a young Dane Reynolds. Gorkin surfs in heat 9 today. Asher Nolan had a great round 2 heat where he posted the highest single wave score and highest heat total of the day. Asher surfs in heat 10. Other notable surfers who won their heats yesterday on boards made at the …lost factory in San Clemente include Chase Wilson, Koa Smith and Colin Moran.

Gorkin on rail in round 1. Photo: Vans.com/Hilleman

Gorkin in the air in round 2. Photo: Vans.com/Hilleman

Asher Nolan. Photo: Vans.com/Hilleman

Koa Smith. Photo: Vans.com/Hilleman

Blake Jones finished 2nd on his …lost surfboard and moves into round 3. Photo: Vans.com/Hilleman

“I don't even have a f*ck'in board to ride”

“…ride this one”.

The dims on Gorkin's 5'8″ Scorcher he rode in HB.

Unlike Gorkin's usual glitzy and glamourous lifestyle as a pro surfer – this year we couldn't afford to put him up at the Hyatt.

He's not exactly on a strict diet.

But it seems to be working so far.

3/27/12: The WQS 4 Star Vans Pier Classic starts tomorrow on the south side of Huntington Beach Pier. Last year Kolohe Andino took his first WQS title at this contest. He won't be there to defend his title this year but at least Chucky is there to provide us with the slow motion video replay. Some surfers that are in the event include Chris Ward, Aaron Cormican, Luke Davis, Nate Yeomans, Ben Bourgeois, Chase Wilson, Balaram Stack, Cristobal de Col, Ian Crane, Andrew Doheny, Ian Gentil and former winner Dylan Goodale. One notable local surfer missing is US Champion Teddy Navarro. Teddy surfs the pier just about every day and is no slouch in a jersey but can't get into the contest because he doesn't have any points. Hey kids – stay in school because unless you've already done some events you're not getting in. To watch live CLICK HERE.