In 1982 Hawaiian Michael Ho won the Pipe Masters in big lefts with a broken right wrist. The day before the contest he tried surfing the sand bars next Pipeline but could barely stand up on the board because of the cast. According to him he “just willed it” once the contest started. Our new “Legend” T-Shirt features a photo of Michael charging the Pipe, with cast, en-route to his Pipe Masters victory. Here’s some pics of Mason’s friends wearing “dad’s” tee this year during the Pipe Masters. Check out our DEALER LIST to find out where you can get your hands on one.

Tom Dosland, Mason Ho and friends in the “Legend” tee.

Michael Ho and current Pipe charger Solomon Ortiz, who had to have his hero sign it.

Quincy Davis, Nage Melamed and Coco Ho getting their hands on the first batch of tees.

Nathan Fletcher – Michael was/is one of him main influences in surfing.

Nathan wearing the “Legend” tee during the Triple Crown awards ceremony at Pipe.

Pipeline madman JD Irons and Mason Ho.

Shane Beschen

Makua Rothman and Dustin Barca – they got two each.

San Clemente young gun Ian Crane.

Big wave charger Sai Smiley and Mason Ho.

Former Pipe Pro champion Tom Dosland.

Michael Ho’s 1982 Pipeline Masters trophy. The man on the trophy used to be a goofy foot but Mason switched his stance and added the cast for historical accuracy.

Jim “Biggie” Vaughn of Whalebone Surf Shops pumped on his new Mike Ho Legend Tee.

Videographer Noah Alani with Jr. and Sr. legends.