Product of the week – Coalition Woven

A coalition was created to design the greatest woven known to mankind.
The most powerful minds sat in a circle (Indian style) and debated ideas for months.
“It has to fit right!”, said one guy.
“It needs to look good!!”, yelled the other guy.
How many buttons?  …How long do the sleeves need to be?

The coalition went back and forth for days with no luck..

Finally, after all hope was almost lost. (no pun intended)
A naked Indian appeared, with a pipe that he called the “the magical snake”.
The men had no choice but to give in to the snake.

Everything went black…..

When the men came back to their senses
They realized that there was a woven in the center of the circle.

After realizing that none of them were designers, and that they had no idea how to make a woven, not even naming it..

They gave up and named it “COALITION”
(Magical Snake would have been way cooler)

The Coalition, is long sleeve yarn dye plaid woven made out of 100 % cotton. It has a logo stitching on the pocket that will drive the attention away from the food stuck in your teeth.
It comes in brown, because brown goes with everything and you wont have to wash it because it brown is the color of dirt!!!

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