From our Summer 2012 line. This is the second “Legend” tee in our series of Michael Ho clothing. It features a vintage photo of the 1982 Pipe Master dropping in on a bomb back in the late 70's, he's even rocking the afro. 65% poly, 35% cotton for that light as air feel and it lets the tee breath a little. Perfect for hot days at the beach. For really hot days at the beach try the tank top version of this tee. By far Mason Ho's favorite tee in this line. Comes in white and a denim blue. In stores now! To find out where you can get your hands on this tee go to our DEALER LIST.

Mason can't get enough of Dad's tee.

Steep and deep, just how Michael still likes it to this day.

The “Uncle Mike” tank top version of the tee.

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Hank Gaskell scored a ride back to the parking lot at Lowers and a new “Legend” tee courtesy of Mason Ho.

Granger Larson and Kai Barger are happy Hawaiians after scoring their very own “Legend” tees.

Shea Lopez loves his new tee. It's like having your favorite super hero tee as a kid, but this time you're all grown up.

Transworld editor Chris Cote even covered up his signature Aloha shirt in favor of our “Legend” tee. After all, who has more Aloha than Uncle Mike?

The latest ad from Arnette featuring Mason Ho wearing the new “Legend” tee.