Rip Curl Pro Search 2010

The contest is over. Kelly Slater wins the contest and his 10th world title. Bede Durbidge gets second.

11/6/10: Davo made a good run but just couldn’t get the score to push him ahead of Bede in round 5. Kelly took out Adriano and Jeremy Flores to seal his 10th World Title and dedicated it to the recently departed A.I.

The waves and surf are cranking and the semis are on now and it’s Kelly vs. Taj and Michael Bourez vs. Bede Durbidge.

11/5/10: The three-man round 4 is on. Everyone advances but first place goes straight to the quarter-finals. Men’s round three completed this morning at the Rip Curl Pro Search contest in Puerto Rico. The surf has increased and conditions are looking good so log on and watch the world’s best battle it out for the lead. Davo got a walk through to round 4 as Freddy P. left the contest to head home early.

In other news Kelly took out Dylan Graves to inching him closer to #10…