We just saved a ton of money by switching to SOLO SHOT. Attention all aspiring and current surf “video guys” – you're FIRED. Stay in school or start searching for another job. 46 years after Bruce Brown shot the Endless Summer you have finally been replaced by this…

I guess you wear an arm band with a sensor so it can follow you. And you have to have a lot of tape or a big hard drive because there isn't an on/off switch – unles

s version 2 has it. So we have a little bet going on here – who is going to be the first adopter of this world changing product? Chris Ward can never find a video guy that can physically keep up with his schedule. Chucky can't find a video guy who WANTS to keep up with his schedule. Matt King? Mike Maurer? Raul Hernandez? Flip Bellinzoni? Justin Poston? – all surfers who woulda made it further if they had had their own personal video guy so the world could have seen them ripping!

Other uses? Drop the sensor in a cup on the other side of the hot chick.