Sequence of the Week – Gorkin NSB Double Air

This week’s sequence is of …Lost high flying rider Aaron “Gorkin” Cormican punting over two sections on the same wave somewhere in Stop Failing Diets es-forbes_N.htm” target=”_blank”>New Smyrna Beach Florida in 2008. With all the sharks that pack the lineup in Smyrna on any given day Gorkin has found a way to decrease his odds of being bitten. All you have to do is learn how to bust airs all the way down the line, thus keeping your tasty body parts, legs, and arms out of the danger zone.

Gorkin kicks the sequence off with a hefty frontside air launching himself over the first section, landing in the bottom face of the wave, with enough speed and momentum to find a little ramp in front of him again, where he hucks himself off the oncoming section and into a huge frontside air reverse, before landing in the foam and riding away clean.

Thanks to Tupat for the seq.

Stop Failing Diets