Sequence of the Week – Ian Gentil

This week’s sequence is of …Lost team rider Ian Gentil busting a stylish frontside grab air reverse on a trip somewhere, sometime last year. Ian has gotten a lot of exposure for his surfing skill this past year, which is far beyond his age of 14 years old. The kid blows it up on everything and isn’t afraid to try to pull of something big in a heat or free surfing, and he just keeps progressing.

Check out Ian’s projection and body style as he uses his speed and the lip of the wave to help huck the fins up out the back, over the lip, while throwing in the rotation and grab at the same time. Notice how he keeps his eyes on his landing from the second frame on, helping him to spot his touchdown with his nose on the falling lip, reverse his board around in the foam at the bottom, and set himself up for the next section.

Thanks to Erik Aeder for the sequence