Sequence of the Week – Wardo’s fins free snap

This week’s sequence is of …Lost team rider and poster child Chris Ward pushing the limits of performance surfing at age 16 in 1995 with a progressive fins free snap on his 5’10” Mayhem squash tail.

Check out the speed Wardo has from his bottom turn as he approaches the lip of the wave, he uses his momentum to get his back foot over the lip and release his fins, while spotting his landing as he squares up his shoulders with his board to ensure a solid entry below and a sweet set up for his next turn.

In the “One Week in October” segment of “Whats Really Goin’ Wrong” Chris is riding a 5’10” x 19″ wide, strong bump, squashtail thruster. Featuring a blend of late 80’s outline and mid 90’s (hyper extended) nose rocker, concaves, and moderate tail rocker like the board seen in this sequence.

The sessions in that movie netted Chris numerous published fotos worldwide, including the classic Larry “Flame” Moore, cover of SURFING magazine. The fotos and subsequent video release set the momentum for both Chris’s and Biolos’s careers, as well as bringing worldwide notoriety to the then fledgling …Lost clothing and Mayhem surfboard brands.

Mayhem released a replica of the classic board seen in the sequence this year called the CW Classic so be sure to check it out in the surfboards section.