Shop of the Week – Red Dog Surf Shop

After opening their doors to the public on December of 1989, Red Dog Surf Shop is still going strong.
Dave Sokoll aka “Jeemer” saw a real estate opportunity by taking over a former KFC building in New Smyrna Beach on A1A.

It was a struggle, but I heard they tricked the Colonel into selling the building for some boards and wax.
Good deal if  you ask me!!

People in New Smyrna Beach who once came for chicken and mash taters now had the opportunity to check out the latest surfboards and gear on the market without walking out smelling like grease and Ketchup.

From day one, Red Dog committed themselves to their original goal, “focus on having the best and largest board selection in Florida”.

Since then, the shop has grown into what Jeemer once envisioned.

Offering not only boards shaped by the best on the planet, but a large selection of clothing and accessories, including the latest from …Lost.

I bet if you ask anyone in Smyrna,  they would tell you that the boys and girls at Red Dog will treat you like one of their own.

They’ve always had the best and most knowledgeable staff….. from Dopler, Nester, Nelly back in the day,  to Teenwolf and Bertleman of today.

Make sure to stop by the shop and say Wuzzup to the crew
Maybe if you behave, they’ll hook you up with some free wax!!!

They are located at:
801 A1A
New Smyrna Beach, FL

You can call to make sure they are not out surfing at (386) 427 9926

Or check them out on line at