Shop Of The Week – Wave Hounds

Whoever said that Seattle is only good for coffee, weather, and grunge… apparently has never been to Wave Hounds Surf shop.
Sorry struggling poets and musicians, there is no free internet, and the shop does not smell like overpriced cappuccino.

Todd Welter unlocked and opened the doors of the shop for the first time in June of 2005.
He was able to translate his extensive surfing experience, knowledge and passion to the shop and its employees.
You can really feel it once you step in through the doors!!!

Since then, Todd and his wife Nadia have welcome every customer offering top quality products at great prices with a great customer service.
They treat you like a pro and will put you in the right …Lost gear to face that unpredictable Seattle weather.

Wave Hounds has not only a great selection of clothing and accessories, but also a unique selection of …Lost Surfboards that would make any shop jealous. Last time I heard, they had over 200 boards in stock to choose from, including old and new. So you know they have one for you!!

Check out the shop online at

or even better, stop by the shop and say hi to the crew

4033 Aurora Ave N
Seattle, WA 98103
phone 206.632.7750
fax 206.632.7911