North Shore Preview

Hawaii Preview Winter 2010

We are only days away from the start of this years Triple Crown so we went straight to the source and just got off the phone with Mason Ho.  They have been surfing Rockies and Sunset.  Putting time in the water riding all different types of equipment.  6’2″ whiplash, 5′ 11″ Davo board??? (grocket shortboard), and the usual 5′ 10″ F1 step ups, and Burger rode a Chilli Fish (mason’s board). We recently put up clips of Mason putting the 6′ 2″ to use at fun Rockies. Michael Ho had a good session at Sunset the other night, putting perfect positioning to good use as he picked up all the good ones.  Riding his waves from the top of the point all the way through the inside bowl.  With some early season swells already lighting up the 7 mile miracle we wonder when Davo and Wardo will show up??

Haleiwa, Sunset and Pipeline are the three events that make up the Triple Crown.  It is one of the ultimate achievements in surfing to be crowned the Triple Crown Champion.  Some World Champs have said they would trade their World Titles for Triple Crowns.  It means you are the complete surfer.  To dominate at all three spots over a two month period is not easy or for the faint of heart. Heats have run in gut wrenching 10-12 feet Haleiwa with the current so gnarly you would not want to be caught out there, let alone fighting for a spot on tour.  But, like two years ago Haleiwa can be perfect rippable walls which seems to suit Wardo.  He made the quarters that year.  Davo’s frontside hacks could be irresistible to high scores from the judging, and sitting almost top ten on the WCT this could be his year.

Sunset is the second stop and is an open ocean wave that will crush hopes or create fantasies as guys either qualify or don’t in this the last WQS of the year.  Last year we saw gigantic surf for the Sunset Beach event.  Solid 12-15 Hawaiian with bigger 18 foot sets.  Watching heats from the beach last year was scary enough.  Imagine having to make a few heats for your career, never easy. Mason Ho went on a run last year only to be stopped in the semi finals with a twisted ankle and a dream of winning at his beloved home.  He’s fired up to take another shot at the title.

Pipeline is the third jewel in the Crown.  The ultimate wave.  The most prestigious event in the World Tour.  Davo will be tossing himself over the ledge looking to crack the Top 10 for the end of the year ratings, and his best year ever.  Chris Ward, one of the most dynamic barrel riders at Backdoor will have to have a huge run in the first two events to get into the Masters with a Triple Crown wild card.  Same goes for Mason as he will have to qualify through the first two events if he wants another run at the Masters Crown.  Pops won it in 82′, with a broken wrist.

Mason was in the event last year but was stopped short with that ankle injury sustained at the Sunset event a week earlier.

Here we go into another North Shore winter full of drama and triumph and heartache.  Stay tuned for updates….

Mason Ho in the Quater Finals of last year's Sunset Event. Photo: Tupat