Spring 2012 “Look Book”

Here are a few highlights of our first line we fully developed ourselves since taking back control of the clothing line. We were definitely a bit rough around the edges, having not run a clothing company in over a decade. We feel pretty good for a first attempt and the next two lines are looking even better. What a challenge this has been. The line was pretty much inspired by the photograph on the cover of the catalog. It was shot on my Iphone at Lowers, at sundown (candidly). The local crew of hotshots enjoying the beach after a day of surfing. After years of other people deciding what was best for my brand, we felt that although we hadn’t been completely in the trenches of clothing design and mfg for a while, just the passion of the owners running the thing and knowing what we really stand for as a brand, should help us overcome the “freshman blues”. Most of the prints come from the surfboards or surfboard factory. Many of the tees are simply made from Iphone photos I took on my travels and around local San Clemente, our home town. – Mayhem’s Blog

We started shipping tees and hats to surf shops this month, the rest of the line will be arriving in stores later this month and into Feb.

Spring 2012