Sunset 2010 Triple Crown

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Contest is over. Coco Ho finished 2nd in the Womens on her favorite Mayhem Shape. With her second place finish Coco is in the running for the Womens Triple Crown which will be decided in a four women surf off at Pipeline during the Pipe Masters. Raoni Monteiro won the mens and Julian Wilson finished second on the same Mayhem Shaped board he has made three finals on this year (Canada, Haliewa and now Sunset).

12/2/10: Contest is on live and action is in the water. They have the contest split between Kammies and Sunset again today and will be running until the end. Keep posted to see who breaks through the pack to make the finals this afternoon.

12/1/10 update: Davo put together some good moves in his heat in the round of 64 but just inched out getting a 11.90 with Joel Centeio advancing with a 12.33 and Luke Munro with a 15.30. Wardo couldn’t put together the score he needed at Kammies and took third in his heat this morning. Unfortunately they are only showing the heats at Sunset so no one got to watch it live (except for those on the beach in Hi). Mason surfed good in his heat at Sunset this morning but just couldn’t get into rythym to get the score he needed to advance.

12/1/10: Wardo is in the water now. Mason couldn’t find the score he needed to advance in his heat.

12/1/10: Contest is live and in the water. They are finishing up the round of 128 this morning and Mason Ho will be surfing in heat #14. Conditions are pretty rippable, and they are running staggered heats at both Sunset and Kammies. Tune in live and see who makes the cut to the next round.

11/30/10: Contest is called off again for today…. Check back tomorrow morning at 7:45 am to see if they restart.

11/29/10: Contest is called off for today. Conditions are flat but there is swell on the way later this week! Check back tomorrow morning at 7:45 am (Hawaiian Time) to see if they run.

11/28/2010: Contest called off again. Everyone is saying they’ll probably run on Wed. Mason Ho has the fourth heat when competition resumes. We’ve been up really early and checking Sunset every morning before light. After they called the comp off yesterday Mason paddled out to the shorebreak know as Vals Reef and gave it a go. Check the clips below.

11/24/2010:Day one update, two days later. Mason free surfed before the contest but they didn’t get to his heat. He surfs in the fourth heat when competition resumes. Ward had the second heat of the day and Cheesburger as his board caddy. Cheesburger is a passionate caddy and was cheering and screaming advice to Ward in the channel the entire heat. After one of Ward’s waves he even belly boarded a wave to were Ward was paddling back out and told him to get back out the back and stop throwing shakas at the camera men. Ward got two waves all the way through Vals and advanced into the next round.