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In the shadows of giants (booths of public held mega brands) we (Shetler, Avery, Cabbage and I) built our booth from scratch in a 14 hour marathon. Built using the stock curtains then sheets of burlap and mesh ground cover draped over and around frames fabricated from pallets, cinderblocks and some plywood. Lights and a few cheap rugs from Ikea and a borrowed couch finished things off. Full “Garage D’or”.

All the exterior banners were raw canvas enlargements of Jen Rosenstien’s fantastic photos of my factory crew (no surf stars or supermodels… not even a single logo on the entire booth in fact). The boards spoke for themselves.

People seemed to dig our summer skateboard clothing lines and we sold all the surfboards we brought.

On Friday afternoon The Supervillains played a set in the front of our booth and were great. They sound more like a California band than from their native Orlando and made us look good.

They played a set in front of our booth at Surf Expo on Friday. Evidently they did it for lunch and beer. What a deal because they were great.

CT, getting it done.

While Ashly and Allie work the girls section. We snagged the pallets from Hurley’s crates to make the walls!

The whole booth was basically the stock trade show curtains that we draped ground cover mesh (like you see on the side of the freeway) over. Here, Noe’, the sander at Ghetto House glassing, stands guard.

Trip, from Real Water Sports, was hyped. This guy loves surfing.

Rock star sprays by Terry Shin.

Surbaugh selling tees (the leaves are surfboards) with Steve talking boards in the background.

J-Rod and Eddie rocking the glass shop worker themed outfits. Including the “resin high” tees and resin dripped aprons and shoes.

Evidently this guy is a real life super hero. He contrasted nicely with the band… The Supervillians.

Lindsay and Mike.

Sid Abruzzi, If I had to explain then you wouldn’t understand… but if you know, you know.

The talented Terry shin overlooks some of his handy work.

The aisle was pretty packed. We had people backed up into the Hurley booth.

Reps were still trying to do busines in the back. Thats Chato, the Hot Coater at Catalyst on the banner , checking out the band.

The good thing was Fox motor sports next door was passing our free beer for everyone.

Never got the name of this guy on the left, but he kept threatening to shut down our little show ‘cus we were encroaching on the Hurley booth. He must have been hot with that beanie on.

We made a couple dozen pairs of these resin drip shoes. Not the most comfortable things but we all wore them.

The official trade show tee. If you got one, keep it…cus we aint makin’ no more of these.

Here are some photos below that our staff took.

Eddie Guilbeau and his apron.

Ed Santos from Hydroflex

Manny (the alligator wrestler guy from Jack Ass) and amateur gator wrestler Nick Guilarte. Check Manny’s snake bite finger.

Florida rippers Ryan Briggs and Eddie Guilbeau

Shea Lopez and Matt Biolos.

Tupat “The Ultimate Grueler” got a tee.

New skates.

Big things at S.EXPO

Mason Ho at the Arnette booth.

Jye Townend – guy has good taste in clothes.

Ryan Briggs and friend.

Lucky girls got a free tee.

Matt and Cory Lopez

Harry Sack

What took 14 hours to put up took about 20 minutes to kick down.