Surfing America USA Championships

6/29/2010: Here’s the story from the field. Yesterday we all went down to Lowers to see the groms rip Lowers. Mayhem rode his bike down the trail and hung out all day, watching the kids surf and chatting with them about their boards. Under 14 Champion and …Lost rider Ian Gentil ripped all day long on his Squash-It model. He also surfed up a division and made the Under 16 final. His smooth style and vertical surfing was a level above in the Under 14 division. Riding his Mayhem shaped Scorcher model, Kolohe Andino put on one of the most impressive and progressive displays of contest surfing we’ve ever seen during the back-to-back semi-finals he had to surf in the Under 16 and Under 18 divisions. From powerful drawn out bottom turn/top turn combos to huge slob air 360’s, he showed us what the future of contest surfing will look like. His win in the Under 16 almost seemed like a foregone conclusion but in the Under 18 division his good friend and arguably his biggest competition, Even Geiselman took him out with a sick left.

Kaliegh Gilchrist defender her Under 18 Girls title on her …Lost Surfboard. The girls are definitely surfing better than ever. Other standouts of the contest who were riding …Lost Surfboards and or Mayhem Shapes included Ezekiel Lau (3rd Under 18), Kalani David (3rd Under 14), Griffin Colapinto (3rd Under 12), Luke Davis (new US Team member), Andrew Doheny, Colin Deveze and Kei Kobayashi.

Matt "Mayhem" Biolos with Kolohe Andino
...Lost team rider Ian Gentil

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The contest is over! Here’s the first place finishers from all divisions: Evan Geiselman takes the win in boys under 18, …Lost surfboards team rider Kolohe Andino took first in boys under 16, …Lost team rider Ian Gentil took first in boys under 14, and Jake Marshall took first in boys under 12! …Lost surfboards team rider Kaliegh Gilchrist defended her title and took the win in the girls under 18, Tatiana Weston-Webb took first in under 16 and under 14, and Mahina Meada took first in under 12 girls!

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6/29/10 Update: …Lost team rider Ian Gentil takes First place in the boys under 14 division! He also took 4th place in the boys under 16! Congrats Ian!

…Lost team rider Ian Gentil has advanced to the Finals of both boys 14 and under, and boys 16 and under. Watch him take a shot at first later this afternoon at 1:15 pm for the under 14 boys final, and then again at 2:05 pm for the boys under 16 final. …Lost team rider Colin Deveze from San Clemente made a push and made it into the semi finals of the under 14 boys, but couldn’t find the waves to make it to the final.

The Surfing America USA Championships have been going down at Lower Trestles this past week, with the finals running through today. Some of America’s top youth talent has been blowing up the Lowers lineup and slugging it out to push through into the finals and a spot on the USA surf team. Look for a complete contest wrap up and breakdown later this week.