Gary got 3rd in the semi's at the Wavemasters last weekend in Jacksonville, Florida.  Wait – hold the presses – Chris Duff just got 3rd in the Western Atlantic Surf Series in Trinidad.  Not sure if it was in the Semis – or just in the Quarters.  If it was the Semis – we have a TIE for team rider of the month.   Back when all the cars were black, 3rd place meant third place in the final.   I guess everybody gets be special these days

I think  it all started with this:

Jack Byrnes: Oh, I didn't know they made 9th place ribbons.

Bernie Focker:Oh Jack, they make them all the way to 10th place! … It's not about winning or losing. It&#039

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;s about passion.  You know what I mean, Jack.

Jack Byrnes: Not really, Bernard. I think personal competitive drive is the essential key that makes America what it is today.

We agree.   In  fact – we just received some pics from Chris Ward that might make HIM the new team rider of the Month.