The One!!!

…Lost team rider Pedro Fernandez got to hang out on the beach in the Dominican Republic, surf, and drink beers with hot chicks last weekend. “I do that every weekend at home.” is what some of you are probably thinking at the moment. But last weekend for Pedro was a little different…the beers were free! Pedro’s beer sponsor, “The One” beer sponsored the weekend surf event appropriately called “The One Weekend”. “The One” supplied the event with a practically endless amount of beer for Pedro, the chicks, and everyone else at the contest. Needless to say, it was raging and Pedro was stoked (until the next morning). Pedro is actually our only team rider that we know of with a beer sponsor. Although most of our team can out drink most other companies team riders, Pedro is the only one who gets it for free. Which is good for most of our team riders because some of them would probably not be pro for long if they didn’t have to make money to buy beer. Here’s what Pedro had to say about “The One Weekend”…”I dont know what to say man, it was the best weekend i’ve ever had!!!!! There were freezers of beer everywhere in the hotel, a lot of girls, good music, and everybody was super happy…it being their first time surfing.” We’re glad Pedro had so much fun. We’ll be even more glad when he shows up back in California with as many “Ones” as he can fit in his suitcase, and board bag. Somehow the big fast food, big car and big electronic companies just don’t knock on our doors for co-sponsorships…. at least the beer companies are knocking.
PS. Skull Candy and GoPro aren’t what we consider big electronic companies – and we are stoked to be working with them on promotions and movie making.

Pedro loving life in his home town.
Dominican Republic locals know how to do beach days.
Pedro and friends poolside.
Live music and free beer go hand in hand. Actually, live music usually means expensive beer. But not at 'The One Weekend".
Getting the groms in rhythm.
Some people at the event were surfing for their first time ever.
The aftermath.
Special thanks to "The One" beer for Pedro's hangover after the event.