Toad & Salmon 6th Annual Chill Bowl Skate Contest

Saturday’s 6th annual Chill Bowl event heated up a large “grass roots” gathering of skate-starved spectators at SF’s Potrero Del Sol skatepark with Brad McClain taking charge of the graffiti-bombed stuntwood bowl with power lines and power moves, Pat Black showing how it’s done in the mix of masters and Leah Taylor holding it down for the women. David Andrade’s “Sweet Heat” recipe earned him twelve month’s worth of bragging rights until next year.

CHILI BOWL CONTEST 2010 LOWCARD MAG from lowcard magazine on Vimeo.

Final Results
1. Brad McClain
2. RJ Barbaro
3. Eddie Moreno

1. Pat Black
2. Chris Cook
3. Alan Barclay

1. Leah Taylor
2. Mimi Knoop
3. Leticia Bufouni

Groms (13 & Under)
1. Shane Sullivan
2. Rye Beres
3. Griffin Clingman

1. David Andrade – “Sweet Heat”
2. Geoff Federoff – “Meat Mitts Con Carne”
3. Sean Sanford – “Verde’s Not Dead”
Honorable Mention – Trixie and T bird -”Waylons War Cry Chili”