From Mayhem’s Blog.

Last Thursday night we tossed a party celebrating 25 years of building boards, non stop, at Catalyst. It wasn’t always called Catalyst of course. I first walked in the factory behind the then “Herbie Fletcher Surf Shop” in late August of 1987. I was already learning to build boards at SurfGlas (owned by Ron House) up the road in Capo Beach, when Chris Santly brought me down to Herbie’s to help him finish sand. I was immediately enamored with the place and started working in the factory, then called “Pacific Coast Fiberglassing” and run by Tom “Suds” Sutherland. The name changed to “San Clemente Surf Co” in the mid 90’s, then we took over and renamed it Catalyst in 2005. Though the names changed, the game remained. Retail in the front and manufacturing in the back. Right on PCH. We pulled together at least 1 board from almost every year since ’87, and had them, along with oversize prints of some of our most recognizable images from the last two decades of magazines.

Thanks to Nichole, Hayden and the rest of Catalyst staff, Joe and Chad and Steve at …Lost, SURFING Magazine, Peligroso Tequila and Z-Man with “Corn Doggy Dog…and the 1/2lb” for helping make it a great night. Also thinks to the mktg departments at Billabong, Hurley, O’neill and Nike for printing and providing images of their top athletes using our boards. Finally thanks to the Jasons, both Kenworthy and Murray, for donating additional classic …lost surfboard images they have captured over the years for our display.

SURFING Magazine should have a lot more photos, that they shot, early this week on the site as well.

Here’s a video below from Brian Aoki – who actually shot a lot of the footage in some of the movies we’ve made over the last 25 years.