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…Lost rider Aaron Cormican finishes 2nd in the Pro division and 2nd in the airshow at the 2011 VQS Championships in Newport Beach, CA on his 5’6″ Scorcher. Ian Crane wins Jr division on his “Stealth Pro” …Lost Surfboard. Andrew Doheny wins the Pro division on his Mayhem shaped surfboard. Congrats to all. Photos courtesy of Volcom. Here’s what legendary Newport photographer Mike Moir (who’s seen everyone surf this place) had to say about Gorkin – “Very impressive surfing. Couple 2nd’s that could easily have been firsts. First chance I’ve had to give his surfing a good look. One of the few out there who made punts look easy in 2 foot crummy Newport.”

Andrew Doheny feeling right at home.
San Clemente local Ian Crane took home the gold in the juniors division..
Gorkin on his way to 2nd in the air show and 2nd in the pro division.
Ian was already stoked before he found out he won the juniors division.
Gorkin getting in the pre heat zone.
Gorkin wrapping one.
Gorkin boosting.
Balaram Stack flew from New York to 6th place in the air show.
Andrew Doheny won the pro division on a Mayhem.
Gorkin and fan.
Gorkin getting beyond vertical.
Balaram blowing the tail out.
Gorkin doing a power snap.
This weekend Andrew put the dough in Doheny
Andrew ripping on his Mayhem.
Andrew showing off his board.
Ian setting the standard for the juniors final.
Gorkin can stick these with his eyes closed.
Balaram representing for New York.