8/8/2011: So we teamed up with emerging Huntington Beach magazine “HBC” (which stands for HB Culture, or for short, HBCult) to throw a rager at Diggs Restaurant/Bar in Huntington Beach this past Friday during the US Open. There was a live performance by the band “Sinizen” and DJ Redrum played tunes for the crowd until the night’s end. We even threw everyone a curve ball and gave the crowd a sneak peek at some “Ward Stories” raw footage. Needless to say, everyone had a good time drinking, dancing, and tripping on Ward. The occasion for the party was the release of HBC’s third issue, which featured a full page …Lost ad of HB local Chucky Rigano. A blast was had by all.

Chucky's been trying to get this since 2004.....
Everyone was stoked on the drinks and the clips.
...Lost's Joe Alani and girlfriend Ketara.
Joe Alani and ...Lost downhill animal Juan Pablo.
Ketara and friend.
Drinking and socializing....standard HB night.
HBC's Kevin Ashford and Chucky Rigano. Photo:Meriann Marcos
These guys have been bros for years. Photo: Marieann Marcos
Nicole Anaya, Mike Reola, Joe Alani, and Juan Pablo.
Mike Reola and Nicole Anaya from Catalyst. And "No alcohol beyond this point".
Tracy Young and Charmaine Shetler.
HBC's Kevin Ashford and Mike Reola from ...Lost
DJ Red Rum was on point. Photo: Aimee Grace
Joe Alani and Juan Pablo watching the clips....while a far off table says "What up!" Photo: Aimee Grace
Kevin Ashford, Tommy Tear, and MJ. Photo: Aimee Grace
Nicole Anaya, Charmaine Shetler, Mike Reola, Chad Shetler, MJ, and Kevin Ashford. Photo: Aimee Grace
The boys were getting twisted. Photo: Aimee Grace
And the girls were twisting. Photo: Aimee Grace
Diggs is a rad place to have a party. Photo: Aimee Grace
Kevin Ashford on the mic. (Chucky gave it a shot, but the only words anyone heard were "get wasted") Photo: Aimee Grace
Kevin introducing the crew to Big John from "Johnny's Saloon" Photo: Aimee Grace
DJ Red Rum. Photo: Aimee Grace
The DJ had a decked out ...Lost set up. Photo: Aimee Grace
Classic photos of classic surfers, brought to you by ...Lost. Photo: Aimee Grace

8/5/11: Tonight August 5th at Digg’s in Huntington Beach get a sneak peek of the some of the first raw cuts from our forthcoming movie WARd STORIES starring Chris Ward, Mason Ho, Aaron Cormican and many others. Be the first to check out the new issue of HBC (Huntington Beach Culture) magazine. There will also be free giveaways and a chance to win Slightly Stoopid tickets. Live music by DJ Rum and Sinizen. Starts at 9 PM. Digg’s is located at 8052 Adams St (off Beach Blvd) in Huntington Beach. Don’t miss your chance to get a glimpse of the new movie before it comes out.