Ward vs Sandy

Where’d that board go?

Chris Ward 10-28-12 in Florida. Superstorm Sandy. Running on adrenaline. 45 minutes sleep in three nights. Paddled with Evan Geiselman and Jeremy Johnson for 2 hours and the current was too gnarly. Finally Homey’s ski showed up. Thanks Scott Pritchett and George Brittain. He pig dogged through the bottom half of this big high tube and had to put on the breaks to avoid Impact with the board in the lip. Then looked back to see it. More pics and a lots of info coming soon so stay posted. Photo: AZHIAZIAM.COM/Mike Jones

set up
Set up turn for the next photo. Sequence coming soon.

Another high set up turn.

Blake Burns
Not as big but Miami was good too.

The Day After
Miami Peak
Carlos Del Olmo
Miami Bottom Turn

Cory Lopez

Some Guy On the Wrong Board
Next Day

Dave Chambers

Nils Schweitzer

The style all the pro surfers who aren’t good enough to be pro surfers are trying to emulate (person on right).

Devon Tresher

Evan Geiselman contorting

Brian Hewitson

Statue of Homey



First turn like this Shea’s done since he busted his leg at Pipe.

The Champ on Steroids?