WEST OZ 2012

The tour is currently on their annual pilgrimage to Western Australia for the Margaret River Prime event. Seems like every year they get a pumping swell for this contest and this year has been no different. The main break at Margaret River is like a cross between Lowers and Sunset Beach, a high performance peak that offers the occasional barrel and usually requires a bigger board and can give you a serious beating. They've ran the 1st and 2nd rounds in well over head surf but apparently a lot of the action was taking place across the channel at The Box. Below are some photos and whatever info we could dig up on our guys over there. To watch the contest live CLICK HERE

Ward Story #372: In 2009, after surfing in the Newcastle event, Chris drove his rental car across the Nullarbor Plain from Sydney to Margaret River to surf in the Prime event. Then he drove back down to Melbourne and crossed the Bass Strait on a ferry to surf in the 6 Star Tasmania event. Then he drove back up to Sydney and flew home. All in a three week span. That's a journey of over 6,230 miles.

Mason Ho: The first day of the event was huge and stormy but Mason pulled a solo session out at The Box. On the second day he went down in his first heat at the Prime event. He got two lefts where he got a good first backside turn in but each wave shouldered off and didn't allow him to get off a second turn. From the looks of some of the photos he took his frustration out on another session at The Box.

Mason riding deep. Photo: ESPN/Joli

Photo: Transworldsurf.com/Dorsey

Mason about to get spit on…

…a lot.

Watch out below

Mason on his trusted 5'9″ Mini Driver

Some frame grabs from Mason's solo session on the first day.

Pre contest session at Gas Bay

He tried to land this one and broke his board.

Mason always all smiles. Photo: Noah Alani

Kolohe Andino put up two good performances in solid surf during his round of 96 and round of 48 heats on day two. Finishing 1st ahead of Mick Fanning the second heat of the day. He's up against John John Florence and Adam Melling in the no l

oser round of 24.

Off the bottom and eyeing the lip. Photo: ASP

Happy camper after winning a few heats. Photo: Noah Alani

Kolohe's WA quiver. Photo: Noah Alani

Secret session down the way before the contest. Photo: Stabmag.com

Cory Lopez: Here's the update from Stabmag.com – “This guy flew all the way to WA then lost first heat in the comp,” says photog Ryan Miller of Cory Lopez, pictured here. “You’d think that would be a huge bummer, but it was quite the god-send for Cory. He surfed an air bowl left the other day with only five guys out for just under seven hours straight. That was one of the longest sessions I’ve ever seen, and I was nearly shrivelled up and dead on the beach just shooting.”
Y’can call that recompense. But, it gets better for Cory! “Then it was his birthday today and, with no contest obligations and The Box going loony, he was straight out there,” continues Miller. “He put in five hours today at The Box (pictured) and ended up nabbing the wave of the day (not this photo). What a hell of a birthday present for a hell cat that wants nothing more than to stuff himself in the biggest tube he can find.”

Photo: Stabmag.com

Photo: surfinglife.com.au

Photo: Transworldsurf.com/Dorsey

Photo: ESPN/Joli

Nate Yeomans: Here's an email from Nate to Matt Biolos, “Just wanted to let you know that the mini driver has been getting super barreled over here in West OZ!!!! We scored Gas Bay the other day and I rode it as a quad and it went mental. It was 6 to 10 feet and I had a couple late drops and with the quad set up the thing it just gripped in and held really well in the barrel. Also I rode the 6'5 you shaped me at Margarets and it felt good. It really felt good off the bottom and could go vert on the bigger waves really well. I guess there is a big swell coming for the first couple days of the event, so might need to find a bigger board. The 6'5 will go really well on the down swing of the swell though. Thanks buddy and stoked.

Nate and his 6'5 with colored Arctic foam and San Clemente's Jeremy Carter. Photo: Noah Alani

Luke Davis: Went down swinging in round 1 but looks like litte Louie got a good one yesterday at the Box.

Luke Davis early morning barrel. Photo: Noah Alani