We usually don’t like to toot our horns but right now we are winning. This past week has seen a lot of competitions and our team riders have been getting the results they deserve. Ryan Briggs won the Smith Grudge Match JAX beach edition.

Screen shot 2013-05-17 at 3.20.39 PM
Nice to see a local boy winning at his local break.

Tyler Wright won the womens Rio Pro last week .
Screen shot 2013-05-17 at 3.21.07 PM
Here is the inside scoop from Matt Biolos:
“I want to congratulate Tyler Wright for her impressive victory last week here in Brasil. Truth be told, when I heard she won, and took over the ratings lead from @rissmoore10 I was bummed. I have so much work and emotion invested into the working relationship with Carissa , and our common goal to win world titles together. I then heard that Tyler was riding an old board we made her over a year ago… That I had forgotten we ever made, and a somewhat bitter sweet feeling of a designers success came over me. Truth be told, my focus and passion is, and has been with our team of young Hawaiian Princesses ,,,, Carissa, @maliamanuel and @xococoho. It feels like a team thing and i may need to re-evaluate the practice of being a “gun for hire”. I have never met Tyler, but I am told shes an awesome person and she put on a hell of a display of surfing last week, and made us look good. Thanks and congratulations.”

Nate Yeomans won the first American Pro Surfing Serires event of the year in less than ideal conditions.
His Sub Scorcher 2 proved to dominate the small mushy HB waves . He got a ten point ride in the final for ripping a right hander.

taylor clark
Up in Newport Taylor Clark took out his fellow golfers in the VQS championships and won a gold jacket. His choice of club was also the Sub Scorcher 2.

South African (and recent San Clemente transplant) Shaun Joubert recently won the Gold Medal at the ISA Games in Panama.

Shaun was riding the Taj Beach Buggy and wearing our “Couch Surfer” boardies. He’s a pretty intelligent guy because if you move to San Clemente from another country you’ll fit right in sporting our …Lost surfboards and clothing.