Photo: Bosko

Where’s the most bizarre place you’ve had sex?
Um, at school. It was in the maths room during the lunch break. I was 16 and living life on the edge. It got hot and heated as well. I thought I was pretty mad at the time (laughs).

When was the last time you got in a fight?
I’ve never really gotten into a fight. I’ve run past and kicked a guy in the back and I just kept on running. This guy was all over Dozza out the front of the Torquay Pub and I just booted him in the back. He got up and started to chase me but I legged it off down the street like a little girl. That’s the closest I’ve been to getting into a rumble.

How many times have you had your heartbroken?
Touch wood, I’m yet to have it happen. I think I must be bulletproof (laughs).

Have you ever shat your pants?
Fuck yeah I have (laughs). I’ve shit myself in my wettie. I came in from the surf when I was about 11 or 12 and I was running home as fast as I could because I needed to take a dump. It was the middle of winter and I only just got home and scrambling to get my steamer off. I was yelling at Mum to open the door but it was too late. I actually had fucking shat myself in my wettie. She was standing outside and had to hose me down. It was heavy (laughs).