“You should’ve been here yesterday”

At least that’s what we heard the day we got to New Jersey with Gorkin and Jeff Myers. Two days before we had decided to ride out Hurricane Irene in Virginia Beach hoping to score there in the morning. We went to bed and the waves were onshore and 30 feet. We woke up and it was 2 feet and offshore. Scoring East Coast Hurricane surf is a little tougher than checking the Lowers cam in the morning then asking your girlfriend to drop you off at the top of the trail. So we lagged a little more then started our drive to New Jersey from VB, arriving around 1 AM. There was a lot of flooding from the Hurricane so it we had to take a couple detours to find the beach and once we did everywhere was closed. We finally found an old hotel that was rumored to be haunted. We woke up in the morning and the waves were still good but all we heard were the words every surfer dreads, “You should’ve been here yesterday”. Check out the video below from our first day in Jersey. We’re still here but are leaving for New York today so Gorkin can get some practice for the NY trials on Sunday.