…and other cool stuff. Newport local Chase Wilson is featured on the cover of Ghetto Juice Magazine Issue #5 riding his Mayhem Shape. Like other young talent, Chase used to ride for …Lost head-to-toe until Billabong offered him a deal he couldn’t refuse. Chase is now on the bong but still gets the Mayhem Shapes he loves to ride. There’s also an interview with Matt Biolos about the infamous San Clemente Surf Ghetto. Check out the interview below and some other shots of guys riding …Lost Surfboards/Mayhem Shapes.


Talkin Shit with Mayhem…

You never know who you’ll run into hanging out in San Clemente but don’t be surprised if it’s …Lost founder shaper/artist Matt “Mayhem” Biolos… We caught up with him while dropping some mags off in the San Clemente ghetto.

Ghetto Juice: So what uppers?

Mayhem: It’s a new year, a new deal. Making surfboards down here in the ghetto.

Tell me about this ghetto?

This ghetto? Well this is where modern surfboard manufacturing started. Right here. All the guys like Velzy and Hobie, Clark Foam… they all started right here. The San Clemente Surf Ghetto.

So when did you first start coming here?

In 1987 I started working here… the Herbie Fletcher Surf Shop down at the end of Pico, now it’s Catalyst.

Have there been a lot of changes around here?

I’d say pretty much the same. We built this place (the …Lost surfboard factory) in the early ‘90s. We got two shaping machines, eight shaping bays and a little office. Really busy about eight months of the year and really slow about four months of the year.

I heard it was nuts down here in the ghetto back in the ‘70s?

That was before my time, but it was even crazy down here in the late ‘80s. I’d show up and go to work and the guys are all sitting across the bench at nine in the morning drinking beers… Mike Hynson living in a motorhome in the driveway, Reno Abelleira coming in the summer… Randy Sleigh, Jim Fuller… there were some f*cking radical guys.

Some you came over here over 20 years ago… are there any young kids coming up taking an initiative to build boards and make a name for themselves as a shaper?

I guess there’s some kids in San Diego… all those little hotshots riding those Simmons style boards. Those kids are pretty rad. Kida hip.

Just some old shaping, no pocket rockets?

I don’t think they’re into the modern progressive, like trying to get killer boards for competitive surfing. They’re more into their own trip, kind of post modern hippy trendo thing… but they are talented kids making cool shit.

So are you concerned there are no young shaping groms like you that were coming up in San Clemente ghetto keeping the dream alive?

Don’t see much of that. But there could be buys over at Bashan’s around the corner. He rents shaping rooms and that’s where all the upstarts start. I don’t think there is a lot of motivation for young guys to get into building surfboards right now. I think the guys doing it are doing it more for fun… but guaranteed out of the rubble of this slow little downturn in the economy, someone will rise. Something will come out of the dust.

The ghetto must go on…

Yeah, for sure… that’s what we do.

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Newport’s Daniel Shea blasting at Blackies on his …Lost Firewire surfboard.

Ian Crane launching on his …Lost Surfboard.

Andrew Doheny throwing fins on his Mayhem shaped “Sub-Scorcher” Hydroflex surfboard. Andrew loves the Hydroflex boards and claims it’s the best material he’s ever felt on a surfboard.

Kolohe Andino above the lip on his Mayhem Shape.

Chucky Rigano and John Robertson made the mag too.

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