Pedro Fernandez is “The One”. That is, he is the one and only …Lost team rider to ride for a beer company. And he’s definitely the one and only team rider to star in a commercial made by a beer company. “The One” beer company is putting on an event this coming weekend in the Dominican Republic called “The One Weekend”. Pedro just left California to compete in the event in his home town. Good luck Pedro! (And bring twelve “The One” beers for the boys when you return to California. We’ll call them “The Twelve”. If you bring thirty, we’ll call them “The Thirty”…and so on. Just bring back as many as you can!

...lost t.v

  • Glenn Martyn

    Lost “The One”.

  • Dro809

    The one and only LOST,,,Beers and beers and beers

  • Estepan

    Good luck ma bra … Mate la liga.

  • Uncle Creepy

    another one, and another one, and another one…
    aye dios mio.

  • mala.camargo

    me tocan par de esas birras!… a ve si e verda the one and only <3

  • andres flores

    yeah PF represent..

  • Hernan Mota

    Yeah Bro The one and only the man great event Pedro

  • Hernan Mota

    Pedri don’t Lost The One