IN FASHION: Baja Edition

To coincide with the release of our three part series Here Today… Gone To Cabo and to satisfy the minions of people who want to know what boardshorts Matt King was wearing we’ve created this little pictorial on the …Lost clothing the boys were wearing during their misadventure to Cabo. To find out where to get these items go to our Dealer List.

He doesn’t always drive to Cabo and back for a contest but when he does he wears …Lost “Ace” boardshorts. Part on our Lost At Sea Collection.

Ward prefers the white color-way but they also come in this “putty” color.

The “Glo-Band” boardshort was def a favorite amongst the team guys this trip. 4 way stretch. Here’s Wardo post Shipwrecks session in the blue color-way.

And here’s Ward during the session carving a tight arch in his Glo-band boardshorts.

Mason Ho tested their durability in some thumping shorebreak at the tip of Baja. Pic: Daniel Shea.

Mason Ho all smiles.

Screen shot 2013-07-16 at 2.26.46 PM
Mason even threw out a few slob airs in the pink color-way.

They call it pink even though it’s more of a red/orange color.

Matt King prefers the simple look of the “Mas Aqua” boardshorts.

Kinger in his “Mas Aqua” boardshorts and Mason in the “V2” boardshorts goofing around at Zippers.

Things can go wrong with Kinger but he can’t go wrong with a simple black pair of boardshorts.

The “V2” boardshorts are def Mason’s favorite right now. Part of the …Lost ResinWorks Collection.

Mason going hard off the bottom at the bottom of Baja in his V2 boardshorts and on …Lost surfboard’s new “Pelagic” model.

Here he is in the black color-way (it has green in it too).


The ResinWorks Collection is directly inspired by the one of a kind hand laminated resin designs of the …Lost surfboards factory. We’ve transferred these individual looks into our clothing.

We’ve even translated it into the Mini V2 Rocket SurfSkate

Mason Ho in the “Momentum” boardshort out on the East Cape of Baja.

No Kingpin didn’t buy this tank top at a Mexican thrift market – we make it.

Mason Ho and Kevin Sullivan in shock of Kingpin and admiring his …Lost “Moonbeam” tank top. We’re not sure if this tank top made it back or if Kinger eventually traded it for beer.

Mason in the “Luau” tee. Needless to say it’s right up his alley.

…Lost “Luau” tee in Seafoam color-way.

Mason and Kevin walking down from the house we rented at Zippers. Mason’s wearing another tee right up his alley – the “Hawaii 69” tee. Kevin is covering his mellon in our “Black Fin” hat.

Kevin kicking back at the tip of the Baja Peninsula in the “Birdrock” boardshorts.

The “Birdrock” boardshorts in light blue color.

Kingpin taking a nap in the “Seaworthy” boardshorts. Wardo got second at the Pipe Pro this year wearing them.

Our host Toby Lehman getting some supplies for the party we threw at his house in the “Big Dot” boardshorts.

Tunnel Vision from San Clemente flew down to play at the house. Here’s Jacob (on bass and in the …Lost Smooth Sailing woven), Mason (on Mayhem’s and peaking his head out), Tanner (on drums and in thrift mart special), Hayden (on guitar/vocals and in …Lost “Ditzo” woven) and Devon in some Brixton hat.

Chris Ward and Cory Lopez. Chris is in our “Sharkfin” tee.

Screen shot 2013-06-22 at 11.57.29 AM
Even the contest announcers got into the act in Cabo. Here’s Cabo vet Strider in our “Beatnik” woven, Nate in the “Poon” tank and Joe in the “Ahoy Paloi” woven.