The Bun Busters


A smaller Mini Kick 24″ x 7″ deck provides a SurfSkate that you can cruise in comfort and stash your board once you reach your destination. This series of boards delivers high quality hardware at a bargain price. Standard Kingpin 5″ truck features a centered baseplate with standard and old school truck holes, a beefy park-freiendly hangar, standard bushing seats that will fit a variety of bushing types and a gorgeous industrial raw baseplate/painted hangar finish.


And the Bun Buster 58MM/88A wheels. Our take on the clay wheels of yesteryear, these guys won’t leave you bleeding and broken on the sidewalk. A conservative contact patch reminiscent of street wheels with a slightly larger 58MM diameter so you aren’t sacrificing cruisablilty.


The Patriot rides straight out of WWII battlefields and into your board collection so you can let everyone know how much you love the good Ole’ USA. Don’t be a plastic riding communist; get yourself a Patriot and make our forefathers proud!


Actual photograph of Southern California beaches in the summer. Not really, but may as well be. Parking lots lined with vans and weekend warriors in their RV’s infect the coast like a bad case of chicken pox, so we pay homage to this brutal season with our Beached Bun Buster.


Get punk! Agent Orange coined the famous anthem and this board’s namesake, so do them proud and go shred the “Speed Kills” checkered devil at your favorite ditch.


The Shovel Head


Designed to be equally at home shredding a bowl or cruising to grab a sixer. Featuring a 6.5″ beefy-hangar park style truck to protect those precious axels while you’re cranking front smiths in the deep end. Complimented with grippy, retro inspired, double conical “Eight Ball” wheels and a blatantly 80’s pool outline with “Resin-smoked” graphics. The Shovelhead is a bowl destroyer.


The Lifer


Designed with pride for the discerning core skateboarder who wouldn’t be caught dead without a substantial nose to blunt. Comes complete with a truck that’s pretty similar to that one we aren’t going to name because that would get us slapped with another cease and desist, we’ll suffice to say anyone at home on a skate will appreciate the functionality of the hardware.


The Lazy Boy


We all have days when you just want to hop on your cruiser… and cruise. The Lazy Boy is purpose built to do exactly that. A subtle kick tail keeps you out of trouble and allows for the occasional hop, while the 84A Driver wheels fly over cracks and make mince meat out of any road-born debris.


The Dorado


Like most …Lost SurfSkates, the Dorado has plenty of width for tight and abrupt on-rail surf style carving, and the stone-ground Driver wheels offer the perfect complement for gripping hard through turns. Also features our “Resin-smoked” graphics derived from our surfboard art.


The V2 Bomber. For those days when you go temporarily insane and want to race against cars down mountains, there’s no finer choice of steed than the V2 Bomber. She might not have brakes, but who’d want them when you’re standing on high-end Caliber 44 degree free ride/downhill specific trucks? They offer a slope-less, totally predictable ride at speed with the help of the ready to slide Road Hog speed friendly wheels. The V2’s deck adds to the stability of the ride with a flex reducing 9-ply design and a hard-edge top rail so you can lock in for additional control on slides and hard tight corners. …Lost holds no responsibility for the grip of speeding tickets you are about to earn.


The Double Blunt


A stylish double wing kick compliments an above average wheelbase for the boards length, because who needs a nose when you’ve got 40 inches of gorgeous wood grain under your feet.


The Road Hogs 75MM 78A Wheels come standard on our longer SurfSkates. The massive diameter allows you to throw yourself down hills straight into the hospital. Also makes an excellence long distance cruising wheel.


The Stinger. The longest board in our arsenal at 44″ X 10″ is a distance crushing beast. A huge wheelbase offers a slight, comfortable flex and allows easy, care free and super quick riding. The reverse kingpin Stealth trucks ensure you aren’t sacrificing speed and stability for turning radius.


The “Resin-Smoke” graphics on The Shovelhead, The Dorado, and The Stinger.