Check out some of the latest and greatest accessories from …Lost below. To find out how you can purchase them go to our DEALER LIST.

Hats – Great for covering up Resin Buckets. From left to right: The Banananer, The Dead Head, and The En Vogue from our Fall ’14 collection.

Sandals – They’re neat for your feet.

Rashguard – This is for surfing. It is protection from the sun and rashes during the long sessions one can encounter while surfing.

Towels – stay dry, change into your wetsuit, lay on the beach, block the wind, create a shelter or protect you board from your other boards wax with these towels. The uses are really limitless.

Resin Buckets – They aren’t for sale but they look cool with almost anything. The buckets in these photos were used in the making of …Lost surfboards.

Below are a few accessories that some of the team riders suggested we make.

MG-KNOCKOUT_6360_1024x1024 copy

The Knockout – A combo Beer/Gravity Bong. You’ll be the life of the party with this thing… or lifeless.

Solo Shot – now every team rider can have their own personal video guy.

The Ultimate Grueler Baggies – The first of its kind “Video Guy” signature boardshorts. What you can’t see from this mock up is all the pockets we’re going to add to store batteries, memory cards and other video guy essentials.

Screen shot 2014-07-24 at 2.49.23 PM
Water Proof Rolling Papers – now there’s no reason for team riders to cut a session short.

The Keg Sleeve – We all know warm beer can end any party, so it’s key to keep your keg perfectly chilled. The Keg Sleeve folds up into the size of a duffle bag for easy storage and transportation to your next party.