Each November for the last 13 years, a growing number of surfers have made a tradition to Grow out their Mos, in honor of November Movember, the only global charity focused solely on men’s heath, raising funds and awareness for prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.

Prostate cancer, the most common cancer short of skin cancer, is estimated to affect 1 in 7 men in their lifetime. And that one-in-seven chance is expected to double in the next fifteen years. Highly treatable, nearly 99% of men diagnosed early survive prostate cancer. Yet still in this day of state of the art diagnostics, one out of 39 men will die from prostate cancer, simply because they didn’t seek out a doctor in time.

For San Clemente’s Nate “Big Deluxe” Yeomans, the reality of undiagnosed prostate cancer hit home for him, his family, and their community when his grandfather passed away from complications with prostate cancer several years ago.

A hometown hero in San Clemente, Yeomans is known in the community and in the greater Southern California area as a value-driven, hard working and talented family man, quickly identifiable by his impressive moustache. After the passing of his grandfather, Yeomans became interested in helping raise awareness about prostate cancer. Using his profile as a professional surfer Yeomans began to advocate on behalf of men’s health issues, and took it upon himself to have these uncomfortable conversations with friends and family and those he encountered, partnering with the global charity, Movember, to help spread their message of openness and support for men everywhere, encouraging them to take control of their health and schedule regular check ups.

Today marks the first day of Movember’s annual campaign, where during the month of November, men are challenged to grow a moustache for 30 days. This year the organization has expanded beyond the subject of prostate cancer, to include testicular cancer and suicide prevention. We sat down with a freshly-shaven Nate Yeomans in San Clemente, to talk about how something as silly as a mustache can save surfer’s lives.


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