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Snapt 3: Reloaded

Snapt3: Reloaded is an Independent Surf Project by Logan Dulien. 13 years after Snapt 1 dropped, Snapt3: Reloaded is the Trilogy piece to Snapt 1 & 2 starring Mason Ho, Bruce Irons, Simon Rex as Salmon Boy, Bobby Martinez, Asher Pacey, the Moniz bros, Ian Crane and more.

Mason Ho’s “Temple of the …Lost Stone” | Quiver Killer

Mason Ho’s “Temple of the …Lost Stone” | Quiver Killer from Lost Video Productions on Vimeo. Here’s the third installment of …Lost’s series featuring surfing’s favorite chucklehead, Mason Ho, on one of Mayhem’s cheeky looking Quiver Killer’s, a super versatile travel board, as comfortable in spinning reefpass barrels as it is on a chip-shot novelty […]

“Temple of the …Lost Stone” | Indo Driver

In the first of the series, Mason Ho opens up “Temple of the …Lost Stone” on one of Mayhem’s slick little Indo Drivers, a travel-ready, medium-volume tube shooter. Drawn from the beloved Driver’s DNA—much like the Driver 1/2-Step Matt’s been building for his CT squad’s reef pass needs—the Indo Driver’s “suited to most anyone with enough skills […]

SNAPT3 Movie Premiere

Friday August 4th join the party for the world premiere of the new movie Snapt3 reloaded at the Observatory, hosted by Keoni “Cheeseburger” Nozaki and Mason Ho and sponsored by lost. The movie has a crazy talent packed line up including Burger and Mason, Bruce irons, Bobby Martinez, Ian Crane, and more. The doors open […]


…lost will be invading Agenda Long Beach July 13th –15th with our new Spring 2018 collection of surfboards and gear, and hooking up everyone who stops by our booth with a free resin high and hangover! DON’T Stop by the …lost booth during the Agenda Festival Saturday July 15th to see live Surfboard artist, play games for […]

60 Seconds: Nate Yeomans

Santa Cruz saw a mixed winter: plenty of south winds and rain, which destroy its myriad south-facing reefs and points, punctuated by crazy, fickle sandbars — created by the very same rain. Blessed, then cursed, then blessed again. Nate Yeomans is on the road a lot these days, working for …Lost, which means he was […]


“RED takes you behind the scenes with the …Lost production crew as they use RED cameras to capture imagery for their Spring 2017 line. After purchasing RED cameras, …Lost has gained both flexibility and independence. Even with a tight crew, they are able to seamlessly shoot all of the content for their delivery platforms in-house and therefore keep total creative control of their brand. …Lost is […]

just cruising | Quentin Turko

Quentin Turko escaped the cold shores of the Outer Banks of North Carolina to spend a month in paradise. Building off his experience gained from his 3 month extended vacation of Winter 16′, Quentin felt extremely comfortable in all conditions the North Shore threw at him. Always stoked to meet up with fellow North Carolinians […]

…Lost x Pilgrim Surf Co.

The …Lost X Pilgrim collaboration is inspired by Matt “Mayhem” Biolos, founder and surfboard shaper of …Lost Surfboards, and visual artist Chris Gentile, owner and designer of Pilgrim surf.  The collaboration focuses on creating a product of the highest quality and performance, while simplifying the aesthetic in the branding and treatments to emphasize and accentuate […]


ARTICLE BY SURFER MAG Each November for the last 13 years, a growing number of surfers have made a tradition to Grow out their Mos, in honor of November Movember, the only global charity focused solely on men’s heath, raising funds and awareness for prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. Prostate cancer, […]

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